Sustainable Hemp Farm

This is my farm. I'm going to grow Hemp for industrial purposes. Decentalized Cyptocurrency Anabyte, a sidechain of the reputable Waves Dex Platform will be the financial funding source, and transact with for running the Company.

The farm is in the beginning of development stage.

3 Stages

_√    Stage 1 (Financial) aquire funds through contributions and investors for all necessary costs

_      Stage 2 (Production) a successful life cycle of the hemp plant

_      Stage 3  (Distrabution) transporting and sale to industial hemp buyers

Asset Info

{ } id 6jbvGchJnv75iQmRpeGGYVqCWXoKggTTaHXCjd3etNsc

{ } total supply 1,000,000,000

{ } decimal points 8